Loropetalum Chinence Chinese Witch Hazel
Botanical Name: Loropetalum Chinense "Fire Dance"
Plant Type: Evergreen Bushy Shrub
Origin: China and Japan
Approximate Height: 2m (6ft)
Approximate Spread: 2m (6ft)
Foliage: Oval wine - red, purple leaves / 2.5 - 6cm (1-2in) long
Positioning: Partial Shade
Maintenance: Remove any unwanted growth
Pests & Diseases: Trouble free
Soil Conditions: Fertile, humos - rich and well - drained soil
Hardiness: Frost Hardy to Half Hardy
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A very distinctive wine red/purple leaved evergreen that bear witch hazel like pink flowers in summer for two months approximately. Quite hardy, this plant grows 1 - 2m (3-6ft) in height.