Fruit Trees

Pyrus Communis Conference

Pyrus Communis Conference-Pear Conference

Prunus domestica "Victoria"

Prunus Domestica Victoria-Victoria Plum Tree

Malus "Howgate Wonder"

Malus Domestica-Howgate Wonder

Malus Domestica "Grenadier"

Malus Domestica-Apple Grenadier

Cox's Orange Pippin

Malus Domestica-Cox's Orange Pippin

Olea Europaea

Olea Europaea Olive Tree

Fig "Brown Turkey"

Ficus carica-Fig Brown Turkey


Ribes Nigrum Ben Lomond


Ribes rubrum Jonkheer van Tets


Raspberry Autumn Bliss

Blueberry "Coville"

Vaccinium Corymbosum Coville

Gooseberry Careless

Gooseberry Careless

*Please note the above is just a brief selection of our favourite fruit trees. For a complete list, please call us  or  visit the centre