Ilex Crenata
Botanical Name: Ilex Crenata 'Kinme'
Plant Type: Evergreen Shrub or small Tree
Origin: Russia, Japan and Korea
Approximate Height: 1.5 - 5m (5-15ft +)
Approximate Spread: 1m max - 2.5m max (3.5-8ft)
Foliage: Glossy, dark - green leaves / 2 - 3cm long
Positioning: Full Sun / Partial Shade
Maintenance: Trim lightly once a year in early summer
Pests & Diseases: Trouble free
Soil Conditions: Humus - rich, moist but well - drained soil
Hardiness: Fully Hardy
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This is a beautiful dwarf Japanese Holly which is quite unlike any normal Holly and is sometimes mistaken for a Buxus form. It is very rare and very expensive and is for the serious plant collector.
It is a Bonsai form but is easy to grow and will grow virtually anywhere. This cloud pruned specimen will grace any Japanese/Oriental style garden or rockery.